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It was June of 2014 when Jesus Sanchez(president of Santech Signs) started working at Custom Sign Creations. Jesus had never heard of sign companies or had not really noticed the trucks or signs of businesses. Jesus did not have any experience with signs or electrical work and the only time he worked on a switch at his house he almost killed himself. 

Jesus started as an installer at Custom Sign Creations and picked on things quickly. Within a year he was a lead installer and learned a lot out in the field. Soon after he, a position for project managing opened up and his wife convinced him to apply for it. A year after been in project managing he became Senior project manager and pretty much the guy that would look after the company when the owners would take a break. Jesus managed lots of projects and at the same time ran the service department. Jesus was in the comfort zone and he was doing great at Custom Sign Creations.

2018 came around and we started the year with a big surprise Custom Sign Creations had been bought by Comet Signs. This threw a curveball to many of the employees but for Jesus, it put things into perspective. He soon left Custom Sign Creations and started Santech Signs in June of 2018. Jesus acquired a 35ft bucket truck 6 months later Jesus bought an Elliot V60. The year is 2020 and Santech Signs has bought its first brand new Elliot L60 and here we are now. We can't ask for more. We are trying to be the best that we can be at manufacturing/installing and servicing signs. We have a combined experience of 30 years in the sign industry. We only plan to be the best in the industry. We are trying to fill in a void but we will do this one step at a time.


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15709 FM 969 BLDG F
Austin, Tx 78725


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